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  • 			    Fix N' Flip Loans up to 85% LTV

    Fix N' Flip Loans up to 85% LTV

  • 			    Bridge Loans up to 80% LTV

    Bridge Loans up to 80% LTV

  • 			    Construction Loans up to 75% LTV

    Construction Loans up to 75% LTV

Nationsfirst Funding is a Private Money Lender that Specializes on Fix N' Flips, Construction and Bridge Loans.


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Boomtown -a town undergoing rapid growth thanks to recent prosperity. It was not that long ago that we saw a migration of businesses moving operations overseas or across the border to Mexico due to the cost of running a business. Now, we’re seeing something similar with renters...
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Homeowners --Should You Relocate For A New Job?
When you’re a renter, relocating for a new job isn't too difficult. You give your current job your two-week notice, your landlord a 30-day notice, put down your deposit on your new place and within a month you have a whole new life. But things aren’t as easy when you’re a...
Avoid These Mistakes That Delay Closing Your Home Loan
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